7.5Download Film 2gether: The Movie (2021) Full Movie MP4

2gether: The Movie (2021)

Tine, a college student, wants to get rid of a gay admirer and his friends recommend that he find a fake boyfriend: Sarawat. But Sarawat is hard to come by. Until he finally accepts. The two become close and intense emotions soon erupt. As Tine and Sarawat enter the second year of their relationship, they also begin to take on greater responsibilities in college with the former as the new president of the cheerleading club and the other as the new president of the music club.

2021Drama107 minMain
7Download Film 4 Kings (2021) Full Movie MP4

4 Kings (2021)

Inspired by the real story of the conflict between the student from four different technician colleges in the 90s, where violence can be used to build friendships and enemies at the same time.

2021Action139 minMain
0Download Film Gravity of Love (2018) Full Movie MP4

Gravity of Love (2018)

Fah is a woman who doesn't believe in destiny. One day she meets Zen, a man who's seemingly perfect and Tae, a pilot. They both fell in love with her. Who is she going to choose?

2018Romance103 minMain
4.7Download Film Cracked (2022) Full Movie MP4

Cracked (2022)

Ruja inherited a collection of paintings from his father painter. She has to hurry and repair the images for resale. Then bring money to keep the eyes of Rachel's daughter, with young artist Tim (art restorer) in charge of repairing the "cracks" that appear on the paintings. But as the two got closer to the painting The terrifying experience threatened them even more. Or this priceless piece of art will come with priceless something?

2022Horror93 minMain
4.2Download Film Supernatural (2014) Full Movie MP4

Supernatural (2014)

Science fiction about a future Thailand. Futuristic, experimental, homo-erotic and with elements of a political essay. With a richness of themes and impressions that wouldn’t get past the censor in Thailand. The maker doesn’t mince his words and isn’t afraid to look reality in the eye.

2014Comedy106 minMain
6Download Film AI Love You (2022) Full Movie MP4

AI Love You (2022)

A modern love story set in the near future where an AI building is powered by human feelings. Due to a software glitch, it falls in love with a real girl, escapes the building into the body of a real man, and tries to win her affections.

2022Comedy95 minMain
6.1Download Film The Holy Man III (2010) Full Movie MP4

The Holy Man III (2010)

Noi is a rock star who starts to feel bored within materialistic Thai society. He eventually finds the path to tranquility and peace by entering monkhood. Now Noi is a young, self-confident, and stubborn monk who has to deal with many hilarious situations with his new companions. It seems like Noi can't really escape from his confusing rock star world after all.

2010Comedy100 minMain
6.2Download Film The Holy Man (2005) Full Movie MP4

The Holy Man (2005)

Brother Theng, a young monk, moves to a temple in a village where villagers still foolishly believe in ghosts and spirits. Thinking of how to develop a better way of life for the villagers, he intends to renew the villagers' belief to more reasonable ways with the help from his followers like Song and Pian. But it's not so easy to convince these villagers. Brother Theng has to deal with tough situations that come along with humour.

2005Comedy91 minMain
4Download Film The Spirit of Ramayana (2019) Full Movie MP4

The Spirit of Ramayana (2019)

Rejected for the lead role in a play because she is deemed too nice for it, Mintra accepts a female ghost's offer to help bring out her dark side.

201993 minMain
7Download Film Get Him Girl! (2021) Full Movie MP4

Get Him Girl! (2021)

A woman from rural Northern Thailand falls in love with a suave Bangkok boy and must do everything she can to impress him.

2021Comedy118 minMain
6.4Download Film London Sweeties (2019) Full Movie MP4

London Sweeties (2019)

A humor- filled story of a group of Thai in London. With their lack of language ability, chaotic but fun love stories await.

2019Comedy88 minMain
6Download Film The Holy Man 2 (2008) Full Movie MP4

The Holy Man 2 (2008)

A new young monk named Joey, who replaces the position of the former Teng. Once he arrives at the temple, Joey is assigned to develop the run-down temple as well as solve the problem that the temple is now facing; rock explosion that covers the temple causes allergenic dust and capitalization threatens the living of the locals. Joey creatively makes his own way to solve the problems that still come along with humor and the beats of hip-hop baby.

2008Comedy89 minMain
6.6Download Film The Couple (2014) Full Movie MP4

The Couple (2014)

In The Couple (Rak Luang Lon), a newlywed bride is possessed by the evil spirit of her sister-in-law. Sucha Manaying, Pitchaya Nithipisarnkul and Mali Coates star.

2014Drama90 minMain
6.5Download Film Transistor Love Story (2001) Full Movie MP4

Transistor Love Story (2001)

An aspiring singer leaves his pregnant bride a radio for company when he is drafted into the army; unfit for military life, the man goes AWOL and joins a pop music troupe but soon after his wife tracks him down his life spirals out of control.

2001Comedy115 minMain
6Download Film Present Perfect Continuous Tense (2013) Full Movie MP4

Present Perfect Continuous Tense (2013)

Jing is a teenager who starts dating Eiam, a woman who is 20 years older than him. Things go well at the beginning of their relationship because of their optimistic attitude and strong efforts to adjust to each other's lifestyles. However, when Eiam turns 40 and Jing starts to mature, the couple increasingly experiences conflicts and arguments. Things get even more complicated when Jing becomes attracted to a younger woman.

2013Romance109 minMain
7.6Download Film Friend Zone (2019) Full Movie MP4

Friend Zone (2019)

In this world, there are many people who seem to be wandering along a relationship border-lining friends and lovers. This borderline is also commonly known as the friend zone. It is a special area for those who are stuck in the middle where they cannot really stay friends with their close friends, nor move forward to be their friends' lovers.

2019Comedy118 minMain
7.5Download Film E Riam Sing (2020) Full Movie MP4

E Riam Sing (2020)

'Riam' is extremely envious of her sister 'Ram' because she is beautiful, mannered and sweet. That's making Riam even more envious and pranking her sister. But everything changed because of the arrival of the thief has capture Ram and her mother. Riam and the 'Riam Sing' gang have to go on an adventure to help her family.

2020Action108 minMain
0Download Film Fists of Fury 2 (1976) Full Movie MP4

Fists of Fury 2 (1976)

In the last "Big Boss" (AKA "Fists of Fury"), Cheng Chao-On was arrested after killing Hsiao Mi, "The Big Boss." In this unofficial sequel, his brother, Cheng Chao-Chun, visits his brother in Thailand, finds a job at the same ice factory that his brother worked at and avenges the death of their father.

1976Action91 minMain
6.4Download Film The Maid (2020) Full Movie MP4

The Maid (2020)

Joy is the new maid of a royal house, whose previous maid disappeared under mysterious circumstances and is now haunting and terrorizing the family. Joy works to uncover the reason behind the former maid’s disappearance.

2020Drama102 minMain
5Download Film Motel Mist (2016) Full Movie MP4

Motel Mist (2016)

Erotic fantasies can come to life in the rooms of Motel Mistress. But whether these will be pleasurable for those involved is another matter. A strange disappearance, revenge and aliens all turn up one typical afternoon in this love nest.

2016Science Fiction115 minMain
5.1Download Film Mindfulness and Murder (2011) Full Movie MP4

Mindfulness and Murder (2011)

When a homeless boy living at the youth shelter run by a Buddhist monastery turns up dead, the Abbot recruits Father Ananda, a former policeman, to find out why. He discovers that all is not well at this urban monastery in the heart of Bangkok. Together with his dogged assistant, an orphaned boy named Jak, Father Ananda uncovers a startling series of clues that eventually exposes the motivation behind the crime and leads him to the murderer.

2011Drama86 minMain
6.8Download Film Deliver Us From Evil (2020) Full Movie MP4

Deliver Us From Evil (2020)

A retired contract killer goes on a bloody rampage when a young girl finds herself at the mercy of gangland human traffickers and only one man can come to her rescue, with an arsenal of weapons and years of experience in the art of killing.

2020Action108 minMain
5.7Download Film The Black Death (2015) Full Movie MP4

The Black Death (2015)

The chronicle and the archives have recorded that in 1586, King Bayinnaung led his army through the Malamao strait in Tak province to invade Ayutthaya. After long continuous battles, Ayutthaya finally lost the war to the Burmese troops from Hongsawadi in 1569 and end their independence. The collapse of the Ayutthaya Kingdom could not be explained ….some said that the cause might be the “Black Death” that wipe out the residents. Some blamed the hungry ghosts, some blamed the plague that came ...

2015Action84 minMain
7.2Download Film Buoyancy (2019) Full Movie MP4

Buoyancy (2019)

An innocent Cambodian boy is sold to a Thai broker and enslaved on a fishing trawler. As fellow slaves are tortured and murdered around him, he starts to wonder if his only hope of freedom is to become as violent as his captors.

2019Crime93 minMain
7.4Download Film The Billionaire (2011) Full Movie MP4

The Billionaire (2011)

The Billionaire tells the story of Aitthipat Kulapongvanich and how he, at the age of nineteen, dropped out from university to launch a packaged fried seaweed business that is now Taokaenoi Food & Marketing and became one of Thailand's youngest (baht) billionaires

2011Drama124 minMain
6.8Download Film You & Me XXX (2017) Full Movie MP4

You & Me XXX (2017)

Pong meets an aggressive girl named Pik who he gets a crush on. However, Pik likes Book and wishes to play soccer with him. After eating cupcakes made by Pik, she and Pong switch bodies. Pik uses this as a chance to get close to Book as she can finally play soccer with him.

201795 minMain
TV7.2Download Film Bangkok Breaking (2021) Full Movie MP4

Bangkok Breaking (2021)

The six-episode series is centered around the wild world of Bangkok's road rescue services and Wanchai who is newly arrived in Bangkok and must unravel a city-wide conspiracy alongside a young, upstart journalist.

2021Crime60 minMain
6.5Download Film The Whole Truth (2021) Full Movie MP4

The Whole Truth (2021)

When two siblings stumble on a strange hole in the wall of their grandparents’ house, horrifying incidents reveal sinister secrets about their family.

2021Horror125 minMain
7Download Film Zombie Fighters (2017) Full Movie MP4

Zombie Fighters (2017)

A man try to save his brother who trapped inside an abandoned hospital full of zombies.

2017Drama105 minMain
8Download Film Namo OK (2014) Full Movie MP4

Namo OK (2014)

After a lighting strike robs him of his memory, a mysterious stranger takes shelter in a small-town temple and embrace Buddhist ways.

2014Comedy85 minMain
6.8Download Film Bikeman 2 (2019) Full Movie MP4

Bikeman 2 (2019)

The story of Sakkarin continues from "Bikeman". Sakkarin is now on his full-speed hitting on Jai but love comes with as obstacle as he has to face with challenges posted by Jai's intimidating father.

2019Comedy107 minMain
7.1Download Film The Medium (2021) Full Movie MP4

The Medium (2021)

A horrifying story of a shaman’s inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand. But the goddess that appears to have taken possession of a family member turns out not be as benevolent as it first appears.

2021Horror131 minMain